Koolewong, Point Clare and Tascott Progress Association Inc.
including West Gosford south of the Central Coast Highway

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District, Origin and Characters:
The Koolewong, Point Clare and Tascott Progress Association covers areas similar to that defined in the Community Profile:2006 and 2001 Enumerated Census Information for Point Clare - Tascott - Koolewong, published by the Gosford City Council.
The above publication characterises the locality being rural and residential, that is, the rural areas are in the west which is part of Brisbane Water National Park, and residential areas are in the east, along the waterfront facing Brisbane Water.
Our Progress Association defines the boundaries as follows. On the north, is the Central Coast Highway which means that West Gosford - south of the highway is included. The other boundaries are Brisbane Water in the east, Woy Woy Bay in the south thus Parkes Bay is included. The western boundary is the suburb of Kariong and Woy Woy Road.

View from tascott train station

Brief History of the Progress Association from 1923

Over the past eighty or so years the local progress association has had changes with names and an amalgamation.

In 1923 the Association was called the Point Clare Ratepayers Association right up until the commencement of the Second World War 1939 -1945. Through the conflict it was placed in abeyance until 1947, when the people elected a new body with the assistance of a retired member of the then Chief Secretaries Department by the name of Ebenezer Crook. The original constitution is now in the Gosford City Library history section given to us by Mr. Crook’s daughter Mrs. C. Graham, who lived in Victory Parade Tascott up until the 1980’s.

Mr. R. Harris and his wife Lucy were other senior people associated with the area and it was both of them who with a large family were instrumental in getting the Point Clare Public School underway and with other members of the community in complete support.

In 1969 -70 the name of the organisation was changed to Point Clare - Tascott Progress Association, being that the Tascott valley was being developed with homes and facilities. A new executive was elected giving the younger generations of Australians a chance for future development to take place and have say in that community. Members have moved around the area and the executive positions have been elected from you all in the interest of the community as a whole.

In 1989 - 1990 Koolewong was encouraged to join or amalgamate to form one great body to represent the community as Council at that time could not find land in Koolewong for a facility.

It is now known through the district as

The Koolewong and Point Clare - Tascott Progress Association Inc.

Since then it has gone from strength to strength as an advisory body to all levels of Government within the area from the Pacific Highway at West Gosford (original boundary of Point Clare until 1968) or thereabouts to the Bridge at Woy Woy.

Remembering that people make a society flourish and prosper and it is up to us all to make it happen.