Minutes of KPCT Progress Association Inc.        


10 May, 2012 7.30 pm


Point Clare Community Hall, 49 Brisbane Water Drive, Point Clare


Attendees: Members 22, Visitors 4, Apologies 4.


Guest Speaker – John Hay from the Northern Rail Noise Committee.


John spoke regarding the issue of train noise. He advised the following:

·         there was no issue with the private companies that run the freight trains, but we do have a problem with the noise pollution they create.    

·         Everyone is affected by rail noise. There are school children affected by rail noise in Beecroft, where they can’t sleep at night and have trouble studying at school during the day.  

·         The group has met with government bureaucrats.  The committee has experienced difficulties in breaking down the culture at RailCorp.

·         RailCorp had no idea how to manage the rail noise problem.


John then provided a timeline of developments:

·         January 2009 – First realised how bad the wheel squeal had become. 

·         August 2011 – Transport Minster’s approval of a 12 month trial named TORFMA (which entails putting grease on the train wheels).

·         November 2011 – new era of transport and a new body looking after rail noise.

·         April 2012 – Members from the group met with government officials and Fred Beringer gave a speech on the group’s views.


·         A report will be prepared on the effectiveness of TORFMA. Residents were concerned that the report would be modified by RailCorp and thought that the trial should only run for 6 months. Following the commencement of the TORFMA trial, authority was taking away from Railcorp in regards to freight trains. The Transport Minister has determined that the trial will run for 12 months.

·         All neighbouring associations were contacted and asked if they would like to join the rail noise group. The group got together and wrote a letter of complaint about the issues on behalf of all of the Community Associations. The minister was happy to listen to any sensible solutions to the problems. Rail noise is affecting not only the health and wellbeing of residents, but also house prices.                   


·         The Committee intends to use the services of the Environmental Defenders Office which are free. The Committee recommends a noise limit of 60 decibels. Fred Beringer is our contact on behalf of the Progress Association to the Northern Rail Noise Committee.


Minutes from Previous meeting

There needs to be a change regarding the sea level rise from 90mm to 90cm.

Moved by Lesley Brown, seconded by Ken Goodworth.


Treasurer Report

There is currently $1,767.13 and $2,667.96 in the reserve account.

Moved by Treasurer Peter Shelden, seconded by Lisa Hagarty.


Correspondence in

Moved by Jill Greenwood, seconded by Peter Shelden.

Correspondence out

Moved by Lisa Hagarty, seconded by Peter Shelden.


General Business

Koolewong Marina

·         Helen Orchard has rung the Dept of Planning. The Marina is being assessed at the moment. When a decision is made, there will be a notification in the local newspaper.


Glenrock Parade

·         Graham Orchard advised this problem has been going on for years. Helen Orchard spoke to the Council (Craig Dury) and it is still in the design stage as the most recent design was not acceptable.  We have concerns that if they decide to build an underpass at Woy Woy at the same time as the works at the intersection of Brisbane Water Drive and Central Coast Highway, it will put more pressure on Glenrock Parade.


Unnamed Reserve  

·         We are still waiting for a response by the Department of Lands. They have asked Kim Radford of Gosford Council Parks & Leisure to prove the council is the nominated trustee of the land. Kim will provide information to the Department of Lands to prove this. Hopefully we will receive additional news soon.  


Couche Park erosion

·         Gary Slack reported there are concerns about the sea wall and the dinghy rack. There should be a new design version at the end of the month for public viewing, but so far there is no funding for the sea wall.


Film Night

·         Helen Orchard/Graham Orchard advised of a delay in booking the hall. The movie we have chosen is Red Dog which we think is a good choice for young and old. It is proposed to have a high tea for the adults and cupcakes and popcorn for children. When we apply for the license to show the movie we have to specify the date the film will be shown. This is now likely to be July or August. The Progress Association will provide the funds for the event including the license for the movie, hall hire, food and drink. We will ask children to bring a cushion.


Bushcare Group

·         Three ladies from the Association came to help council in planting and cleaning up the Goodaywang Reserve last Friday 4 May. It is now looking good and we are just maintaining it. We are asking for more members to help out. All equipment is provided by Council and all you need to bring is gloves. Council has arranged for two signs to be erected, mentioning the joint effort by the Progress Association and Gosford City Council.



·         Lisa Hagarty showed the group our Facebook Page. Everyone was happy with it and how it looks.



·         Ray Lawson advised a slight change to the procedure on how items will be displayed on the website. We are looking to add a calendar of events. We also need to obtain people’s permission to display their emails on the website.


Point Clare Community Hall

·         Membership is $7 per year and we encourage our association members to become members of the hall.

 Point Clare Public Toilets

·         Lorraine Goodworth asked when the public toilets are open around the Point Clare Shopping  Centre. The railway toilets are open on weekdays from early in the morning till about lunch time. 


Pathway on Brisbane Water Drive

·         New Member Toni Tibbs brought up the fact that walking between Point Clare shops and Fagan Park is very dangerous, especially for mothers with children. People have to walk onto the road      as there is no walkway. Toni would like some guidance on what to do about this problem. A motion was passed for the Secretary to write to the council. Moved by Lisa Hagarty, seconded by Rhonda Jenson. We will also include photos to show how bad the problem is.


Natural Gas Petition

·         Lisa Hagarty came across a petition commenced by Bruce Fenwick to have natural gas supplied to the Point Clare area. You need 42 people to sign the petition to arrange supply in the area.  This is an interest piece that we can put in our next newsletter.


National Broadband Network

·         It looks like the NBN will not be including the Koolewong area in the first phase, despite this area being included in the original map. It appears the first phase rollout will finish at Tascott. Koolewong will be included in the three year plan. It was noted that the government is still providing funding for satellites if residents cannot access the internet.


Cycleway, Welwyn Grove Point Clare

·         It was suggested that a No Through Road sign be installed on Welwyn Grove as there has been an increase of traffic in the area and it is getting dangerous for people coming off the cycleway. A motion was passed for the Secretary to write a letter to Council requesting this. Moved by Rhonda Jenson, seconded by Len Murray.


Stage 1 of Gosford Landing

·         Julie Broad brought up that there was no specific parking around the Performing Arts and Convention Centre on the Gosford Waterfront.


Meeting closed at 9:32pm    .


Next Meeting:     7.30pm Thursday 12th July, 2012


Minutes Secretary                                                      Chairperson   

Lisa Hagarty                                                              Grahame Orchard