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including West Gosford south of the Central Coast Highway

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Koolewong, Point Clare and Tascott Progress Association Inc.
Including West Gosford south of of the Pacific Highway
Issue 1 2010

As is usual each year, we welcome all new residents to our piece of the Central Coast, as we do those who have come here to work. We hope that you—and anyone else who lives or works here and has yet to do so—will join us as members of our Progress Association.

As you will see from the summary on Page 2 of the recently delivered President’s Report , we can contribute to our environment on many fronts, through lobbying for both conservation of those things we value and

improvement to those we are unhappy about. Not only does the Association provide the opportunity for you to share your concerns, the greater the involvement of

community members, the more likely we are to be

successful in what we take on.


The RTA is now inviting feedback on the preferred option. In particular it is asking are there any modifications that would make it work better for you? You can complete their questionnaire to be returned by Friday 7th May. Copies of the pamphlet with questionnaire are available from the RTA Central Coast Office Woy Woy (free call 1800 115 418).

Some key features:

The two main roads will meet at a new ground level;

Whilst Dyer Crescent becomes a dead end, access will be provided to Boolari Road and thereby, the new Gonaro Road underpass back to West Gosford shops area;

An off ramp from the highway will allow entry to Gonaro Road;

An upgrade to Kulara Avenue—shopping centre— Brisbane Water Drive intersection and the latter road on the southern side;

Replacement of the Ben-Hilton Parade—main road connection with a connecting road between Ben-Hilton Parade and Kulara Avenue.

Meeting dates: 7.30 pm 10th June, 2010

7.30 pm 9th September, 2010

7.30 pm 9th December, 2010

Christmas BBQ starting 6.30pm

7.30 pm 10th March, 2011

Point Clare Community Hall,

Brisbane Water Drive,

Point Clare. NSW 2250


Hon. President
Jon Fearon: jkfearon@iinet.net.au

Hon. Vice President
Grahame Orchard: g_horchy@bigpond.com.au

Hon. Secretary
Helen Orchard: g_horchy@bigpond.com.au

Hon. Treasurer
Peter Shelden: psheld@virginbroadband.com.au

Assistant Treasurer
Jill Greenwood: paulm.greenwood@bigpond.com

Committee Member
Fred Beringer: beringer@ozemail.com.au


Your Progress Association will be hosting a

barbeque party to mark the opening of the new

facilities in our Goodaywang Park—installations for which we sought and gained State funding to assist Gosford City Council to undertake the work.

We await news from Council as to date and time of the event. Members on email will be contacted as soon as details are available. If you have not already given your email address to us, please do so now (contact details Page 2).

An abridged copy of the preferred option for our big intersection

central coast hwy intersection west gosford

Newsletter prepared by Sonnie Hopkins and kindly printed by Gosford City Council